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Increasing Your Healthspan

Vegas CBD Company was founded on a mission to help you increase your healthspan – the areas of your life where you experience vitality, mood balance, physical vibrance and wellness. Now you can experience the healing properties of high-potency, authentic full-spectrum hemp products.

We say healthspan because we believe increasing lifespan isn’t the end-all. It’s about the quality of those years. When you increase your healthspan using high-purity hemp, you experience a better quality of life and health, and as a byproduct, a longer lifespan.

Ready to experience a new peak in your daily wellbeing?


What Makes Us Different

Purity And Effect

You probably already know that CBD is non-psychoactive, and our full-spectrum cbd is no exception. However, just because you won’t feel any feelings of euphoria or get any trace of a head-high from Vegas CBD products — doesn’t mean you won’t be able to tell there is something different about our product.

We hear it all the time: our full-spectrum CBD is noticeably more beneficial than the alternatives out there. Our customers excitedly remark about their reduced headaches, their lower pain levels, and the positive effects on their anxiety — effects, they say, they hadn’t been able to get anywhere else.

All CBD Companies Are NOT The Same

When you are looking for CBD products, it should go without saying that you don’t want some mystery substance that may have little or no effect. But unfortunately, as you probably already know, there are so-called “CBD Companies” in the world who sell exactly those kinds of products

Like most of the best things in Vegas, our CBD products are much more than simply a novelty. They are legitimately the top-shelf product you can get in the hemp industry — anywhere, bar none. Everything from the consistency of our dosing, to the taste and flavor of our edibles, has been perfected.

On top of that, we understand the value of Las Vegas luxury with our concierge-like customer service, so we go above and beyond to deliver an exceptional experience with every bottle (or container) of our precious “liquid gold”.

That’s why it’s important to have a brand you trust – especially when you are actually ingesting the products and counting on them to provide a healing benefit. That’s why, before you even add a product to your cart, we don’t ask for your trust. We earn it.

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